Epic order alternatives to colonoscopy

For those patients that refuse colonoscopy, you now have more Epic order options:


  • You may now order the COLOGUARD stool DNA test from the Colon Cancer Screening BPA, or using LAB3901, or from COLOGUARD SMARTSET.
  • This order will print a requisition to be faxed manually to Exact Sciences, who sends kit to patient and faxes completed results back to you.
  • Faxed Results must be entered in EPIC under Enter/Edit Results by selecting the original order and documenting the results.
  • Cologuard every 3 years counts for Colon Cancer Screening Quality Metrics, and is covered typically by Medicare and some BCBS plans.


iFOBT EPIC Order (requires ordering of lab-specific kits from LabCorp AND Quest)

  • You may now order immunochemical FOBT home stool kit tests from EPIC from the Colon Cancer Screening BPA, or using LAB3621
  • Order will print for Labcorp (OC-Auto) or Quest (Ensure FIT) kits to be given by staff to patient, which are collected at home and mailed by patient directly to lab.
  • Results come straight back into EPIC through lab interface to your Inbasket for review/patient notification.
  • FOBT/iFOBT counts for Colon Cancer Screening Quality metrics only in the current year since Jan 1.


See this Brainshark or this Training Document for more details.


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