Use FLU BPA to easily order and document flu vaccines, or when patient declines or vaccine not available (Oct. 1 – Mar. 31):

  • PIEDMONT FLU SMARTSET on Flu BPA and under SmartSets automatically selects the one preferred Fluzone© ?vaccine based on the patient’s age, for 1-click ordering with all options (Vaccine, Diagnosis, VIS) pre-checked.

  • If patient declines, or flu vaccine not available during Oct. 1 through Mar. 31, utilize the Declined or Unavailable buttons on the FLU BPA.  DO NOT click Declined on Health Maintenance for this or any other quality metric.

  • Enter historical flu vaccines through the BPA Immunization link or directly under Historical Immunizations.

  • Reconcile Outside Immunizations via CareEverywhere, which may capture vaccine dates from both Epic and non-Epic organizations.

  • If patient is allergic to flu vaccine, you may select Not a candidate for influenza vaccine, to permanently remove flu reminders from a patients chart.

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