Nov 15

Click to download the Herpes Zoster Vaccines Comparison   ... [read more]

Aug 31

Reflection: Do you consider a 90-day supply when approving medication refills? Writing for a 90-day supply for chronic diseases improves patient medication adherence. Says who: The real-world, recent (2016) data. Payer data of Georgia members noted... [read more]

Aug 11

Questions or comments? Reach out to the Piedmont Clinic Population Health Clinical Pharmacist, Michell Butler, PharmD ( Should prescribers be worried or concerned about new information about Invokana and amputations? In May... [read more]

Mar 31

Formulary Additions: Moviprep was approved to replace Golytely for bowel prep for colonoscopies, beginning April 15. This approval was based on data showing repeated and cancelled colonoscopy procedures due to poor preparation. Moviprep has also been... [read more]

Mar 31

Praxbind® is a humanized monoclonal antibody that specifically binds to dabigatran and reverses its anticoagulant effects.  This product was recently added to the Piedmont Healthcare formulary and is indicated when immediate reversal of... [read more]