The Physician Governance Team has been established in 2015 to serve as a governing panel for Epic. With broad representation across Piedmont’s facilities and service lines, this group will provide suggestions for Epic optimization and serve as an advisory board for Epic and other IT related issues. It consists of 19 physicians nominated by their local leaders.

Physician Governance Team Members

Physician Name Specialty Location
1.      Harold Carlson Cardiology PAH/Ambulatory rep
2.      Thomas Deering EP Cardiology PAH
3.      Rahul Nayak Gastroenterology PAH/Kaiser rep
4.      Dean Joelson Pathology PAH
5.      T. Steven Upshaw ED Amb rep
6.      Joshua Wolf Transplant Nephrology PAH
7.      Allen Johns Anesthesiology PAH
8.      Timothy Ghattas Orthopedic surgeon PHH
9.      Roberto Pereira Cardiology PMH
10.  Michael Galambos Gastroenterology PMH
11.  David Bodne Radiology PFH
12.  Patricia Moore OB/Gyn PFH
13.  JM Stevens General Surgery PFH
14.  Tia Guster OB/Gyn PNH
15.  Pam Clanton Hospitalist PNH
16.  Carter Rogers General Surgery PNTH
17.  Aileen O’Neill Pathology PNTH
18.  Sam Lorenzo Emergency Medicine PHH
19.  Geoff Marx CMIO PAR


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