System P&T

The Piedmont Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee is composed of physicians, pharmacists, nursing staff across Piedmont.  Its mission is to provide effective and efficient medication use within the five Piedmont hospitals.  This includes:

  • An unbiased review of the biomedical literature, available pharmacoeconomic data, and clinical outcomes prior to approving new medications for formulary addition. The Committee also analyzes comparative effectiveness reports and outcomes data prior to approving new therapeutic interchanges.
  • Working in collaboration with prescribers, nursing, and pharmacy staff to develop formulary guidelines, restrictions, drug use algorithms and protocols so that Piedmont patients receive the most appropriate care possible.
  • Work with the medical staff and the Epic Willow team to ensure that order sets and protocols have the most clinically appropriate medication orders in them.
  • Medication-use evaluations, adverse-drug-event monitoring and reporting, as well as recommending strategies for medication-error prevention.
  • Reviewing and approving all medication-use policies for Piedmont.
  • Developing and periodically reviewing the formulary list for addition and deletions.
  • Periodically reviewing the Piedmont therapeutic interchange list and adjusting it based on the most current peer-reviewed published literature and pharmacoeconomic data.

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